How can I Earn from Talking to my Friends about Step?

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The guide to invite your friends in Young Platform Step and get your reward

In response to requests for assistance regarding the Invites feature and the related Quests, here is a detailed explanation of the functionality.

Where can I find the Invite feature?

At the bottom of the main Step section you can find the subsection “Invite your friends”.

Tapping the Invite button will open a page with the invites sent in the past and the button to send the link to your contacts.

Once you have sent the link to download Step, you can check the status of the invitation from the list on that same page.

How to make sure you receive your reward

Before you start, make sure you have updated Step to the latest version available on the Store

  1. Then, let’s say I send the link to my friend Alice via WhatsApp, Telegram or any other messaging app.
  2. Alice opens the link, downloads Step from the Store, but DOES NOT OPEN IT.
  3. I make sure Alice opens Step for the first time by following my link.
  4. By following my link, Alice registers either with Google or by entering First Name, Last Name, email and username.
  5. At this point, the invitation will appear as “Alice – Pending“.
  6. If the Invite does not appear in the list of invites sent, I will stop Alice and have her re-register correctly.
    If she can use another email she will do so, otherwise, she will write to to have the Team remove the email from the system in order for her to reuse it.
  7. When and if the Invite appears as Pending, Alice will be able to start making claims and, as a result, the Invite will be marked as completed and I will get my YNGs.

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