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The guide to inviting your friends on Young Platform Step and getting rewards

Did you know that Young Platform Step has a referral program? Invite friends and acquaintances to the app and receive rewards for helping to expand the beautiful Step community. Here’s everything you need to know!

How to invite friends to Step?

Start on the Step Home:

  • From the menu, on the top right, got to the Profile section
  • Tap on the ‘Invite your friends’ banner:
  • Press the ‘Invite’ button;
  • An explanation page will open, where you will then find the ongoing and completed invitations;
  • Press the ‘Invite your friends’ button to proceed;
  • Choose how to send the invitation message and to whom;
  • Once you have sent the link to download Step, you can check the status of the invitation on the invitation page, as indicated above;
  • The invited friend will have to download Step, sign up and complete the Welcome Tutorial;
  • After that the Invitation will be completed and you will receive 1YNG.

Invite friends: how to get the rewards

On Young Platform Step, the invite friends feature requires some extra care in order to secure the rewards. Indeed, you can only receive YNG if the invitee successfully completes the obligatory actions, but some details are also up to you.

Here are two important points:

  1. Before you start, make sure you have updated Step to the latest version available on the Store
  2. Tell your friend to click on the invitation link both to download Step from the store and after installing it, before signing up.

Important: If the invitee does not click on the invitation link again after the installation of Step, the invitation will not be detected and consequently you will not receive the reward!

How to ensure that the link was used for signup? 

If the invitee has signed up via the link, the invitation will appear pending. If, on the other hand, it does not appear in the list within the app, it means that they did not use the link correctly.

What to do if the invitee has signed up, but the invitation does not appear in your history?

If you can, stop your friend so that they do not accumulate unnecessary experience on the app. In any case, send them the link again, tell them to follow it and sign up with a different email. 

When the invitation appears as pending, the invitee can complete the welcome tutorial and consequently the Invitation will be marked as completed and you will get your YNG.

How come the invitee signs up correctly but the invitation is not tracked anyway? 

If these indications do not work, the only explanation is the following: some devices do not support invitation tracking, e.g. Android devices that do not support Play Services or have a custom ROM. 

That’s all for this guide: log in to Young Platform Step now and invite your friends to share your successes!

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