Summer has arrived on Young Platform Step as well!

Anna Perozzi

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August means holidays, sunshine, the seaside and lots of fun.

That’s why this year Young Platform is going on holiday with you!

For the first time ever, we are happy to introduce you to the Step Happy Summer ☀️

This summer edition of Step features lots of new Quests, Quizzes, Coins and a Special Ranking, so you can get ready for September with plenty of Young (YNG) to give you the boost you need to dive headfirst into the crypto world.

Discover them on Step, you will see them colored blue! 

👉 Invite your friends on Step and challenge them to walk the highest number of steps on the beach to win the ‘Step Happy Summer’ Ranking.

👉 Or test your skills on Up&Down while sunbathing – you have 8 coins to choose from.

👉 And then show your friends how much you know about Bitcoin and cryptos! You’ll be able to show off your skills with the new editions of our Quizzes. 

You’ll be earning more YNG in no time with the Step Happy Summer⚡

What are you waiting for? 🚀 You have until 31st August 🚀

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