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YNG token transfer is instant and free with Gift Cards!

To transfer the YNGs obtained with Step to Young Platform, simply create a Gift Card to be redeemed on the exchange.

Gift Card creation and redemption are immediate, so you will have your tokens immediately available in your wallet balance, with no waiting time.

How to transfer YNG?

First of all, consider the amounts allowed:

  • The minimum amount for each transfer is 5 YNG
  • The maximum amount per transfer is YNG 125 in 30 days.

If it is your first transfer, follow these steps on Young Platform, otherwise skip to the operations to do on Step.

Start with Young Platform:

  • Create an account and verify your identity;
  • Go to the Profile, under ‘Connections’ link your Step account;
  • Make a minimum deposit of €20 (in Euros);
  • Make a first cryptocurrency purchase, for a minimum amount of €20; 
  • After completing these mandatory steps, it will be possible to request the first transfer of YNGs.

Now back to Step:

  • Log in to Step and click on your YNG balance visible in the top bar;
  • Select ‘Transfer’;
  • Continue with the procedure;
  • Choose the amount of YNG to be transferred;
  • Confirm sending;
  • Select ‘Open Young Platform’ to redeem the Gift Card automatically;
  • You will immediately receive the tokens on the Exchange Wallet

If you do not click on ‘Open Young Platform’ or do not redeem the gift card immediately, you can do so later manually:

  • Log in to Step and click on your YNG balance visible in the top bar;
  • Select ‘Transfer’;
  • Under ‘Your Gift Cards’ click on the last one created
  • Press ‘Redeem on Young Platform’.

Finally, remember that it is only possible to transfer YNG from one Step account and only to a linked Young Platform account.

Any doubts? Read the complete guide!

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