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INJ, DYM and FET arrive on Young Platform

Filippo Iachello

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You can now buy three new cryptos on Young Platform: find out all about Injective (INJ), Dymension (DYM) and (FET)! 

Now you can trade INJ, DYM and FET on Young Platform, but deposits and withdrawals are not available. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Find out how these innovative protocols work to decide if they are right for you!

Injective (INJ), Dymension (DYM) and (FET) what do you need to know?

Injective is a Layer 1 blockchain built on the Cosmos ecosystem specifically for decentralised finance platforms. The Injective network allows for a high volume of transactions per second at meager fees, and sometimes even without any fees, thanks to the relay service offered by the API nodes in this network.

Fetch is a platform that combines two cutting-edge technologies – artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. The platform’s key product is Autonomous Economic Agents (AEAs), which are capable of programming themselves to fulfil specific needs. Like AI chatbots such as Chat GPT, AEAs analyse real-time data and context and act accordingly to achieve a goal.

Introducing Dymension, a new Layer 1 blockchain created on Cosmos. Its primary goal is to become a leading modular ecosystem for developing decentralised applications. The future RollApps that will be integrated into Dymension are neither dapp nor real blockchains. They are unique in that they are exceptionally easy to develop. It’s worth noting that RollApps should not be confused with Rollups, which are Layer 2 scalability solutions.

How to use INJ, DYM and FET on Young Platform

Here are all the features available for Injective (INJ), Dymension (DYM) and (FET) on Young Platform and Young Platform Pro:

  • Buying and selling with EUR
  • Recurring purchase
  • Creating a Single Currency or Customised Money Box

Warning: These cryptocurrencies can only be traded on Young Platform, but cannot be deposited or withdrawn.

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