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Dash is an open-source currency that focuses on privacy and speed of transactions. Here's how to buy DASH cryptocurrencies

What is Dash?

Dash was the first network to introduce Masternodes as a type of node dedicated to block validation and creation. Masternodes facilitate InstantSend and PrivateSend, two features that allow DASH to be sent respectively instantaneously and privately. Dash is also completely governed by its community through one of the first DAOs ever formed, a decentralised autonomous organisation.

Why buy Dash?

Dash has great potential to develop: its system of governance and budgeting, equally distributed among all network players, makes it the first successful DAO case. The launch of Dash Platform promises to be a big step forward in facilitating the use of blockchain applications, starting with payments for everyday expenses.

How was it created?

Dash is a crypto released in 2014 as a fork of Bitcoin. Its goal is to facilitate and speed up payments, as well as make them more anonymous. The creator is Evan Duffield, who initially launched the cryptocurrency under the names Xcoin and DarkCoin. Dash is an abbreviation of “Digital Cash” and its network is powered by 3 roles: network users, miners and Masternodes.

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