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The YNG-USD market in detail

The following table displays market data that is updated in real-time, providing current figures that reflect the latest market activities in relation to a particular cryptocurrency. This information is crucial for investors and traders seeking to make informed decisions regarding their buying and selling choices. Let's explore how to interpret these data effectively and how they can be utilised to guide investment decisions. ANALYSING PRICE TERNDS The table includes data on the price trends over the last 24 hours. This trend gives you an idea of how the price of the cryptocurrency has moved over the last day. Understanding this trend is critical for making short-term investment decisions, as it helps you identify patterns or potential price movements. INTERPRETING VOLATILITY Volatility is another essential metric. It represents the percentage change in price from the beginning to the end of the last 24-hour period. High volatility indicates that the price has undergone significant fluctuations, which could be due to market news, investor sentiment, or other factors. Conversely, low volatility suggests that the price has been relatively stable. As an investor, understanding volatility can help you assess the risk associated with the cryptocurrency. DECIPHERING ALT AND ATH ATL (All-Time Low) and ATH (All-Time High) are metrics that provide historical context. ATL refers to the lowest price point the cryptocurrency has ever reached, while ATH indicates the highest price point. By comparing the current price to these historical figures, you can assess whether the cryptocurrency is currently undervalued or overvalued compared to its historical performance. By regularly analysing these data and understanding market trends, you can improve your chances of making strategic purchases and sales in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks, and it is essential to do your research and consider your financial situation before making any investment.
24h volatility
24h ATL
24h ATH
7d volatility
7d ATL
7d ATH
2Y volatility

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