Star Atlas preview, the play-to-earn available on Epic Games

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Epic Games’ Star Atlas, try the new play-to-earn on Solana

Star Atlas on Epic Games, the play-to-earn on Solana’s blockchain, will soon be available for preview testing!

Big news for fans of the world of Web3 video games! The wait is over: Star Atlas, the next-generation play-to-earn video game based on Solana‘s blockchain, has finally opened the doors of its universe. The game is currently in the Pre-Alpha phase and therefore not yet in its final version. It will soon be available on the Epic Games platform.

The Star Atlas roadmap is going as planned: just recently in July, the developers of the play-to-earn video game announced the launch of the official Star Atlas DAO, laying the foundation for the creation of shared governance. Its DAO was recently implemented with a staking function called Star Atlas Locket: by staking Star Atlas, you can receive POLIS tokens in return.

Try the demo version of Star Atlas on Epic Games

The news of the arrival of Star Atlas on Epic Games was made public during the second edition of the 426Live conference: the event organised by the developers of Star Atlas on the Twitch platform, held on the 29th of September 2022.

Users can finally get their hands on the first demo version of the video game, called Pre-Alpha Showroom. The prototype can be downloaded exclusively on the Epic Store Games marketplace, a company specialising in the development of software and video games (including, for example, Fortnite). 

To access it, you will need to download the demo and connect your wallet to the platform. As it is not yet a final version, users will be able to download it for free.

In the downloadable demo version, players will experience the world of Star Atlas in the guise of Asha, commander of the ‘Council of Peace Forces’ and flight instructor of the Academy: the institution responsible for training the galaxy’s most promising youngsters.

In order to create the most realistic and immersive game environment possible, the Pre-Alpha demo version will combine various technologies offered by its development engine: Unreal Engine 5. Specifically, the prototype will make use of Nanite systems for the realisation of hyper-realistic, cinematic-style graphics, and Lumen systems to provide the game environment with real-time lighting (thus representing light effects in a natural way). For the physical support of the game, on the other hand, Chaos and Niagara were used.

The Star Atlas roadmap, however, has not yet come to an end: until December 2022, Showroom will add new features to the gaming experience, such as the possibility of playing other characters besides Asha.

Star Atlas CORE: the graphic novel about the video game universe

Star Atlas is not just a play-to-earn video game. During the 426Live conference, the Star Atlas CORE project was presented. It is a graphic novel that introduces the community to the history of Star Atlas, its main characters and their customs and traditions.

At the moment, all that is known is that Star Atlas CORE will be divided into 18 episodes and will follow the adventures of Gyun, the protagonist of the series, and his crew.

The realisation of the initiative was entrusted to Tim McBurnie, graphic designer and artist of ATMTA, the main developer of the Star Atlas project.

The releases will follow the developments and storyline of the main game and will be published on both the official Star Atlas CORE website and the Showroom.

The graphic novel episodes will also be available as NFTs, Non-fungible Tokens, and available for purchase on the Magic Eden and Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace, introduced in the latest platform update.

The integration of blockchain technology with the world of storytelling is certainly not new.

Jenkins the Valet is a project involving the creation of a collective storyline based on the adventures of Jenkins, an avatar from NFT’s famous Bored Ape Yacht Club collection. 

Another initiative that sees the active participation of the community in the storytelling is RENGA NFT, a collection launched by artist DirtyRobot that topped the sales charts in various marketplaces in September.

The release date for Star Atlas has not yet been disclosed, we will just have to wait for further updates!

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