Quizzes: What they are and how they work on Step

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quizzes on step

Test your knowledge on the world of cryptocurrencies with Young Platform Step quizzes

Do you keep reading articles about cryptocurrencies but you can’t seem to get anything into your head? Do your friends talk about bitcoin but you still don’t quite understand how it works?

Today you can delve into all the most interesting topics and test your knowledge with the Quiz feature on Young Platform Step!

How do the Quizzes work?

It’s easy! Open the Academy section of the Hub, choose the topic, read the first unlocked article and take the quiz. 


Starting each quiz you will lose one life, which you can recharge by waiting, or by watching a video advertisement, or even by purchasing Unlimited Lives with 1YNG. This way you can take as many quizzes as you want for 1 hour without losing lives.

Victory and defeat

Did you answer less than 60% of the questions correctly?

In the event of total or partial defeat, the quiz is repeatable if you have Lives available. 

Did you answer all the questions correctly?

The prize in XP will be the maximum, i.e. the one indicated in the preview of the individual quiz.

Did you pass the quiz with more than 60% but less than 100%?

You will receive a proportional share of the prize. 

Quizzes are a game with really simple, yet effective mechanics. Now it’s up to you to read our lessons carefully to guarantee your victory and satisfaction with Step Quizzes!

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