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Anna Perozzi

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Test your knowledge on cryptocurrency with Young Platform Stepdrop quiz!

You keep reading articles on cryptocurrency but you can’t seem to grasp the basic concepts? Your friends talk about bitcoin but you haven’t figured out how it works yet?

Today you can test your knowledge and memorize interesting trivia thanks to the new Quiz feature!

The feature is now available on Android, soon also on iOS.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Open the Education section, choose the topic, read the article and answer the quizzes.


The questions are timed, so don’t get distracted.

  • Single choice questions (circular selectors)
  • Multiple choice questions (square selectors)


  • You answered 100% correctly? You’ll get the full reward in YNGs, as shown in the single lesson overview.
  • You answered between 60% and 99% of the questions correctly? You’ll get a proportional share of the reward.


Both in case of a total and partial loss, the quiz is repeatable if you have lives available. Otherwise, you can recover 1 Life by watching an Advertising Video or waiting for the specified time.

Spoiler Alert! 

Thanks to Young’s partnership with MakerDAO, this week alone, the quizzes on Stablecoin give triple the reward. Seize the moment!

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