LG and Hedera design an NFT marketplace compatible with smart TVs

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Buy NFTs with Smart TVs thanks to LG and HBAR

In collaboration with the Hedera blockchain, LG launches the LG Art Lab. Display your digital artwork and buy NFTs with HBAR on your smart TV !

Would you like to display your favourite NFTs and show them to your friends in your living room? Thanks to a new initiative of the tech company LG, in collaboration with the Hedera blockchain, you can now display your digital artwork and buy new ones through your LG smart TV. All from the comfort of your sofa! LG Art Lab is the name of the collaboration project with Hedera. It is a real NFT marketplace, where you can buy NFTs with the HBAR token, which will be accessible directly from your TV. Find out how to buy NFTs with the HBAR crypto, and how to turn your home into a digital art gallery!

Exhibiting NFTs? LG and the digital art gallery!

LG Art Lab is an NFT platform announced on the 5th of September 2022, which will be launched by the end of 2022 on the Hedera blockchain. This is not the first time the two companies have come into contact. In fact, LG has been part of Hedera’s board of directors since 2020. The marketplace and its application should be available by the end of the year in the United States. It will allow users to buy, sell and display digital artwork. The special feature of this marketplace is that it will be easily accessible and compatible with LG smart TVs. It is the perfect medium to display your NFT collection, thanks to the exceptional resolution quality of the images. LG Art Lab will function like a classic NFT marketplace, such as OpenSea, with the difference that purchases will be made with the HBAR token. The section dedicated to buying NFTs is called Drops, where artist profiles and previews of new works coming soon will be available with a countdown so you won’t miss anything new.

To enable users to purchase NFTs with the HBAR token directly from their smart TV, LG is also launching the Wallypto crypto wallet. By connecting to the LG Art Lab platform, the wallet will allow users to view all NFTs they own, as well as their available HBAR token balance. The platform will initially only be available for the US market. As can easily be guessed from the platform’s name, art will be the major focus of the application. The first partnership has already been unveiled, the featured artist will be Barry X Ball!

The first collection on LG Art Lab by Barry X Ball

Barry X Ball is a contemporary sculptor and artist famous for his interpretations of classical sculpture and modernist art created with cutting-edge techniques such as 3D printing and scanning.

Barry X Ball will make his debut in the digital art world with his first NFTs in a collection entitled “Metal” right on the LG Art Lab platform. Thanks to the resolution of LG smart TVs, users will be able to view all the textures, details and materials (including precious metals and stones) used in the artist’s sculptures.

LG chooses Hedera’s green blockchain

Why did LG choose Hedera for its NFT marketplace? The Hedera blockchain, which is a product of the HBAR Foundation, describes itself as an enterprise blockchain that can process transactions very cheaply and quickly. But how are Hedera and its HBAR token so efficient and cheap? The answer to this question lies in the way transactions are recorded on the network. A new structure called Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) was designed by software engineer Leamon Baird, who founded the project in 2015. Thanks to this, Hedera is able to process up to 10 thousand transactions per second.

Hedera’s blockchain works via a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, called hashgraph. In addition to providing speed and scalability to the network, it is geared towards environmental sustainability. The latter is a value that the HBAR Foundation and its Hedera blockchain have adopted since their inception in 2017. The development team has been and is still committed to ensuring the network’s carbon neutral status by purchasing quarterly carbon credits (carbon offsets). The amount of these credits has been determined by TerraPass, an independent emissions assessment company.

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