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What is Basic Attention Token ?

BAT is one of the most famous Ethereum projects, whose goal is to create a sustainable and democratic ecosystem for online advertising. The Basic Attention Token makes it possible to earn money from the advertising we watch on the Internet every day, while at the same time rewarding those who create interesting and valuable content, such as videomakers, photographers, bloggers, etc. Brave, a browser that supports the BAT cryptocurrency, was created for this purpose.

Why buy Basic Attention Token ?

BAT is a project created by Brendan Eich, the same developer who wrote the JavaScript language. To understand the interest that BAT generates, just look at how its ICO went: 35 million dollars in 30 seconds. The great revolution brought about by BAT can be summed up in three concepts: encrypted identity and user data; you get paid for the time you spend watching an advertisement; if the content you create is valuable, you get paid.

How it began?

Brendan Eich is the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. Its objective, with BAT and its browser Brave, is to introduce an advertisement system that is more effective and ethical. According to BAT developers, advertisement is important but it is actually pursued in a way that is detrimental both to the user and to the creators, only benefiting the advertising platforms.

How to buy Basic Attention Token ?

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