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What is Polkadot ?

Polkadot was conceived and created by Gavin Wood, universally known for inventing Ethereum's Solidity programming language, working alongside Vitalik Buterin. Polkadot seeks to offer the same functionality as Ethereum, while overcoming its weaknesses and offering a range of innovative features. To achieve this goal, Polkadot has developed a blockchain with a completely new structure and its own consensus protocol.

Why buy Polkadot ?

Polkadot has always found support and funding from Parity and Web3 Foundation, both of which are benchmarks in the Ethereum world. Its DOT token plays a central role from both a technical and governance point of view, and its future prospects are immense. DOT has become the 4th most important token with the highest market capitalisation in just over four months of activity. The fact that it is capable of executing smart contracts and is at a very advanced stage of development compared to Ethereum 2.0 has earned it the nickname 'Ethereum Killer'.

How to buy Polkadot ?

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