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Tron (TRX): Andamento e Prezzo

What is TRON?

The TRON project finds its raison d’être in the peer-to-peer exchange of content and intellectual property. The blockchain platform offers itself as an alternative to Netflix, Amazon Prime and all centralised video streaming services. Exactly like Bit-torrent, TRON proposes a new distribution system. Revenues from videos and digital resources are distributed directly to authors, without intermediaries. Following a number of interventions, TRON changed its protocol in 2018, relying on Delegated Proof-of-Stake.

Why follow Tron?

The coin of the ecosystem is TRX, which was originally an ERC-20 token. The project later migrated to TRON’s native blockchain, which also released its own standard (TRC). TRX governs the sophisticated system of rewards and voting. Depending on the number of TRX possessed and staked, the user will acquire a certain decision-making power on the validation of blocks on the chain. However, the reason to follow the TRON project and its progress lies in the content. If digital entertainment is growing fast, Justin Sun’s platform promises to raise the rewards for creators and lower the cost of enjoyment for the general public.

How was it created?

The figure behind TRON is Chinese entrepreneur Justin Sun. Born in 1990, he worked for Ripple from 2013 to 2016 and then founded his own decentralised platform in 2017. And so TRON was born, following a $70 million ICO. The cryptocurrency refers to the foundation of the same name, which has made some major acquisitions in recent years. In 2018, TRON acquired the BitTorrent ecosystem, as well as Steem in 2019. From December 2021 onwards, the network completed its decentralisation by releasing an internal DAO-based governance system.

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